Business Life Part III – What’s Your Strategy?

If you’re new to the Business Life series, check out the first two posts to catch up. By now you should have decided what your ultimate financial vision is in life, what non-negotiable values you carry and your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This all gives you a great foundation for formulating a strategyContinue reading “Business Life Part III – What’s Your Strategy?”

Business Life Part II: Time to Scan

Continuing on with the Business Life series beginning with this post, the next step in the strategic process for most companies is to gain an understanding of the internal and external environment in which they are operating. This involves analyzing factors within their environment that may impact their success in reaching their long-term vision. IfContinue reading “Business Life Part II: Time to Scan”

Procrastination: The Key to Financial Freedom

I was reading a blog the other day when I stumbled across an interesting comment. The article was actually one of JL Collins popular articles discussing his annual Chautauqua. If, like I did, you have no idea what the hell this weird word is, you can read more about it over at his blog here:Continue reading “Procrastination: The Key to Financial Freedom”

The Only Calculation Needed to Determine Your Expected Retirement Date

For any veterans of the financial independence / early retirement world, you’ve probably already ingrained this calculation into your brain, never to be forgotten. You might even have a poster on your wall that you bow down to each night that simply states four words, “Maximize Your Savings Rate”. This article might not add aContinue reading “The Only Calculation Needed to Determine Your Expected Retirement Date”

Business Life Part I: What’s Your Ultimate Financial Vision?

If there’s one thing I know a lot of stuff about, it business and money. My entire education and work-life have revolved around these areas so I’ve lived and breathed this for some time. What’s one thing I keep seeing time and again? How businesses are pretty much living, breathing organisms that face the sameContinue reading “Business Life Part I: What’s Your Ultimate Financial Vision?”

Welcome to Stock Market Ninja!

Stock Market Ninja is primarily going to be a blog about increasing wealth, with little effort, that anybody can do. It is not some pyramid scheme for lazy people to get rich off and it’s not going to happen overnight, but it also won’t take your entire life. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” theyContinue reading “Welcome to Stock Market Ninja!”

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